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Naturally beautiful through life with our element massage rooms

Experience holistic beauty programs in our element treatment rooms fire, water, earth, air and wood. Discover your personal element and enjoy a unique spa experience!

Our product lines Dr. Boos, O.P.I., Haslauer, Pino, Hafner and Tyrolean rock oil guarantee holistically beautiful natural cosmetics and let you breathe again

Beauty & gift tip: You are welcome to purchase various products from the companies here so that you can continue the spa program at home. We also offer numerous gifts from La Vida, Lavera, as well as handmade soaps or energy stones as souvenirs for water revitalisation.

Opening hours; contact the reception to arrange an appointment:

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 10 am - 5 pm • Wed, Sat, Sun 10 am to 1 pm

Phone: 09923-3086 • E-mail: praxis@kramerwirt.de

All massages include the subsequent rest period!

Kramerwirt im Bayerischen Wald - Ölmassagen


Medical spa

All the treatments are also available for two as a partner massage or girlfriends treatment in the treatment room fire or air.

Cephalgy treatment

Intense shoulder/neck massage; special migraine treatment

Duration: approx. 25 min. 36,-

Massage and fango

Soothing heat first, followed by a back massage, good for light tension

Duration: approx. 40 min. 40,-

Dorn method including Breuss-massage

Sensitive method with powerful elements. ideal for joint and spinal problems.

Duration: approx.65 min. 80,-

Energetic powers

All the treatments are also available for two as a partner massage or girlfriends treatment in the treatment room fire or air.

Tibetan energetic back massage

Gentle stroking and touching, stimulation of the energy centres

Duration: approx. 40 min. 49,-

Foot reflex zone massage

Diseases are alleviated via the interrelationship of the foot reflex zones with the whole body.

Duration: approx. 40 min. 48,-

Singing bowl massage

Singing bowls soothing vibrations transmitted on or over the body to the body.

Duration: approx. 60 min. 80,-

Shiatsu special massage

Restoration of the energy flow and removal of blockages.

Duration: approx. 60 min. 75,-

Lomi Lomi

Traditional Hawaiian whole-body massage. Deep relaxation and release of strong tensions.

Duration: approx. 90 min 98,-

Refreshing happiness

All the treatments are also available for two as a partner massage or girlfriends treatment in the treatment room fire or air.

Intensive back massage with Tyrolean rock oil

Deep-acting back massage, releases shoulder and neck tension.

Duration: approx. 25 min. 36,-

Aroma oil massage

Whole-body massage with soothing essential oils

Duration: approx. 60 min. 72,-

Bio-release-head massage

Gentle head massage. Promotes blood circulation and oxygen supply.

Duration: approx. 35 min. 44,-

Salve whole-body peeling

Whole-body peeling with sea salt and selected oils from Kurland.

After the nourishing peeling has been applied to the whole body by means of pleasant stroking movements, a warm summer rain begins to remove the salt from your skin. What remains is a feeling of well-cared-for skin and the scent of your chosen oil. Feel the long-lasting care.

The following scents are available:

  • Fresh-up - fruity fresh, slightly cooling (blackberry, peppermint, lemon and rosemary)
  • Red roses – sensually light (rose oil and frangipani)
  • Sparkling - tinglingly fresh (champagne, vetiver and papaya)
  • Inspiration - sensual bitter (rosemary, musk, lemon and carrot seed)
Duration: approx. 25 min. 35,-

Special Treatments

Ayurvedic vital massage

Massage with warm oils. Stress relief and reduction of exhaustion and nervousness.

Duration: approx.60 min. 75,-

Padabhyanga (for expectant mothers)

Ayurvedic foot and leg massage. Stimulates the metabolism; good for sleep disorders, headaches and vegetative complaints.

Duration: approx. 40 min. 52,-


Ayurvedic silk glove massage. Peeling effect, activation of the lymphatic flow, stimulation of the blood circulation and metabolism.

Duration: approx. 60 min. 75,-

Baby boom (for expectant mothers)

Pamper-package consisting of a facial treatment (approx. 60 min.), foot massage (approx. 30 minutes) and pedicure (approx. 30 min).

Duration: approx. 120 min. 126,-

Happy hour for teens (up to 14 years)

Aroma back massage

Duration: approx. 25 min. 29,-