Hotel Kramerwirt mit Fitnessraum in Bayern

Large gym in the sport hotel in Bavaria


Sporting holidays in the Bavarian Forest

Our newly designed gym on the 1st floor offers great views of the sunbathing lawn and the Zen garden and invites you to your own individual training with the state-of-the-art equipment from the Technogym company:

Bayerischer Wald Bayerischer Wald Bayerischer Wald


Bayerischer Wald

Jog now is compact, easy to use and at the same time professional and safe so that you can do a comprehensive cardio workout and achieve different training goals such as weight loss, body toning and an improvement in stamina. This device is particularly well suited for beginners.


Bike excite® stands for a perfect cycling experience.

Bike excite® gives you the feeling of a real cycling tour on the road. The biomechanics and ergonomic design improve comfort for the user, help you get started and improve performance. The exercise machine improves endurance and strengthens the legs and gluteal muscles.


Bayerischer Wald

Bayerischer Wald

SYNCHRO is the crosstrainer from the Excite™ line.

The rear-located centrifugal mass allows for a soft, low-stress movement sequence. The Fast Track Control™ allows easy adjustment of the degree of difficulty.

Other training devices:

  • Ergometer - Recline Excite with TV (SUN 400 XL)
  • Infrared ergometer (for more information see below)
  • Plurima training station – multi-station for comprehensive strength training
  • Ercolina Rehab Element – ergonomic tension station for the whole body
  • Multi-purpose device for a variety of exercises for the entire body. Specific training for the improvement of sporting performances, training of all muscle groups & possibility to design your own personal training.
  • Chrome dumbbell stands, both small and large
  • Adjustable bench – e.g. for abdominal training