Wellness in Bayern

Our Spa world

Our spa world

Bayerischer Wald

  1. Indoor swimming pool with counterflow system, waterfall, massage jets, tasteless/odourless water, Ospa multi-layer filter system, chlorine-free, 29 - 30 °C
  2. Jacuzzi
  3. Kneipp treatment basin
  4. Cold grotto and waterfall
  5. Shower garden
  6. Tecaldarium (Roman steam bath), rainbow colour light therapy
  7. Aroma sauna
  8. Soft poultice couch (chargeable)
  9. Sunbathing lawn (chargeable)
  10. Turkish rasul bath (chargeable)
    10A / 10B relaxation room for rasul bath
  11. Beauty Bar (chargeable)
  12. Log sauna
    12A Naturist garden
  13. Heated loungers
  14. Relaxation room with rattania relaxation shells including infrared heat corners
  15. Waiting area for rasul bath, bathtub, soft poultice and beauty parlour
  16. Chess corner
  1. Infrared heat cabin for two
  2. Relaxation room with hanging chairs
  3. Log cabin fresh air relaxation room
  4. Shower area
  5. Plunge pool
  6. Bio natural swimming pool (not heated)
  7. Brook with goldfish pond
  8. Islands of love
  9. Hot pool (34 °C) with 6 Jacuzzi beds
  10. “Ratsch” snug with juice bar, tea corner, mountain spring water
  11. Relaxation room with water beds and cocoon loungers
  12. Panoramic fitness room (1st floor) with Technogym equipment, SUN 400XL (chargeable) & rainbow physiotherapy
  13. Glass roof connecting corridor
  14. Zen garden
  15. To bar/lounge
  16. Spa reception
  17. Treatment rooms with waiting room (1st floor)
  18. Lockers
  19. Bag storage
  20. Private spa (flirtation for two)
  21. Changing rooms and showers
  22. To the goats

Our new treatment rooms

Bayerischer Wald

  1. Fire - with fireplace
  2. Water - integrated summer rain over massage table
  3. Earth – TAOSENA foot reflex zone experience
  4. Wood - SWAY swing lounger
  5. Air - time of weightlessness
  6. Waiting room with tea corner

Rainbowland opening hours:

“Rainbowland” spa area
Open daily from 7.00 am to 8.30 pm, Thu & Sun until 11.00 pm, on 31 December until 4.30 pm

Every Thursday: Late-night sauna
spa until 11.00 pm including sauna infusions

Every Sunday: Late-night spa
spa until 11.00 pm

Aroma steam sauna:
daily from 10.00 am to 8.30 pm, Thu & Sun until 11.00 pm

Log sauna
daily from 10.20 am to 30.23 pm, Thu & Sun until 11.00 pm

daily from 7.00 am to 20.30 pm, Thu & Sun until 11.00 pm

General information on spa stays

Extension day for your spa stay is possible after checking out from your room (11.00 am) (EUR 19.00 per person).
The afternoon buffet is included as well as all of the advantages in the “Rainbowland” spa area.

Rainbowland - bathing & relaxation with music

Hot Jacuzzi (35-36 °C) with 6 Jacuzzi beds in the Zen Garden (open all year round), hot Jacuzzi also indoors, natural swimming pool with a sun patio as well as small islands of loves next to the brook, indoor adventure swimming pool 29 °C to 30 °C with counterflow system, massage jets and waterfall (an OSPA multi-layer filter unit ensures tasteless and odourless water), steam grotto with cold mist shower and waterfall, shower garden with tropical rain, hot-cold Kneipp treatment bath, heated bench with foot bath, seating areas with fountains, gym

Indoor & outdoor area
Aroma steam sauna, tecaldarium with fountains as well as aroma therapy and rainbow colour light therapy, original log cabin sauna from our own wood stock, log cabin with plunge pool, shower area and fresh air relaxation room air (next to the log cabin sauna)

Relaxation areas

Relaxation room with heated loungers, relaxation room with lying areas and hanging chairs for relaxing, textile-free fresh air relaxation room (next to the log cabin sauna), quiet room (child-free zone) with water beds and cocoon lounger area with music from headphones, Paradiso relaxation room with infrared heat corners

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